Combination Fishing and Hunting Trips

Snake River "Hells Canyon"
Chukar, Bass, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Fall Chinnook "King" Salmon

Cast and Blast Hells Canyon

Jet Boat 3 Day 2 Night Hells Canyon Trip

Fall Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Sturgeon and Chukar Hunting while staying 2 nights in our deluxe riverside camp in the Hells Canyon Wilderness. Experience Idaho's best fishing and bird hunting combo on the Snake River. This is a sportsman's dream vacation you will not forget. The Fall Kings are big and strong and will give even the most experienced angler all they can handle. World Class Smallmouth Bass fishing while we listen and watch for Chukar next to the river. This is a limited opportunity that combines all the great fishing the Snake River offers a few weeks every year, don't miss this incredible adventure.

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3 Day 2 Night ... $695 per person (min. 5)

4 Day Cast and Blast on the Snake River

For a few weeks every year Hells Canyon has everything a sportsman dreams of. If you can imagine great fishing for not just one or two species but Fall Chinook Salmon, Bass, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Trout along with great bird hunting for Chukar all on the same trip.
Come to Hells Canyon for the ultimate sportsmens adventure. The wild Chukar (Himalayan Partridge) in their preferred environment are a rewarding challenge for the most avid bird hunter. We fish the Snake River for Sturgeon, Rainbow Trout and Small Mouth Bass while listening for the cackle of the Chukar at river's edge. Finish releasing your Bass, grab your shotgun as the guide maneuvers the boat to the shore, you can imagine the rest. At the riverside camp that is waiting for you at the end of the day you will be greeted with great food and drinks, along with your wall tent with comfortable cots a dinning area and a spectacular view of this awesome canyon. After feasting on that nights meal you can either relax or pick up your fishing rod or a game of horseshoes. The guides will have a hearty breakfast prepared before we adventure on the river for more great fishing and hunting.
We launch this trip from the heart of Hell's Canyon at Pittsburgh Landing a short drive from Riggins, this puts you instanly in the best hunting and fishing on the Snake River.

4 Day Float/Jet Trip ... $1995 per person (min. 2)
Launch Dates for 2020: Sept. 19, 24, 30 Oct. 5

  • World-Class Top Water Fly Fishing for Bass
  • Jet Boat Fishing the Last Day
  • Great Food and Deluxe Backcountry Accomodations
  • Hunt or Fish - You Choose
  • Spectacular Scenery - Deepest Canyon in North America

Salmon River "Frank Church Wilderness"

1 to 3 Day Salmon River Trips

Chukar hunting on the Salmon River and fishing combination trips are a great way to achieve the trip every sportsman dreams of "Fins and Feather's". Chukar's are a challenge for even the best bird hunters but with our experienced guide and boats we give you and your dog a unique advantage. We can listen and watch for birds while fly fishing for trout or reeling in a steelhead or bass. Hunting from the boat is a great way to keep the hiking down to a moderate level while giving you plenty of opportunty. A trip on our Jet Boats on the Salmon River is an experience in itself, combine great hunting and fishing and you have a trip of a lifetime. Our wild chukar here on the Salmon are a non-native species of partridge introduced to North America back in the 1930s. Due to the remote and rugged terrain of the Frank Church Wilderness chukar are right at home. Wild chukar are extremly quick and use the steep canyon to there advantage, the challenges of hunting these birds inspires passion and respect. We encourage all of our clients to stay at our lodge for 1 to 3 day packages.

1 Day Drift Boat Trip ... $230 per person (min. 2)

1 Day Jet Boat Wilderness Trip ... $250 per person (min. 4)

3 Day 2 Night at Mackay Bar Ram House Lodge ... $789 per person (min.4)

Bird Hunting the Idaho Wilderness

jet boat fishing and hunting

Why Choose MRO

We fish some of the most spectacular wilderness in the country. Mountain River Outfitters is permitted for more river miles in Idaho than any other fishing outfitter. If the conditions are not great on one section we can get you to the fish on another. We operate both jet boats, rafts and drift boats to make sure you get the best experience possible and to allow us to get places no one else goes.

Hells Canyon is awesome in every way, the best year around fishing in Idaho. The Snake River offers consistent water temperatures to give it the highesty fish per mile river section anywhere. Choose from warm water Bass, prehistoric Sturgeon or ocean run King Salmon. We use Rafts and Jet Boats to get you through the challenging whitewater on 1 to 6 day adventures.

The River of No Return is the largest un damed rivers in the lower 48 and has hundreds of miles of natural spawning of wild Steelhead. The Salmon River has breathtaking scenery and is teeming with wildlife as most of it flows through Idaho's Wilderness. The Salmon River boasts some of the best wild and hatchery runs of Steelhead in the nation along with great Trout, Bass and Salmon.

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